Cyber Security Operations Comprehensive, Bachelor of Science

Offered by Department of Cyber Systems

General Studies
Foundational Requirements (LOPERs 1-4)14
LOPER2: Writing Skills
Introduction of Academic Writing
LOPER 4: Mathematics, Statistics and Quantitative Reasoning
Calculus I with Analytic Geometry 1
Broad Knowledge Requirements (LOPERs 5-8)12
Dispositional Requirements (LOPERs 9-10) 26
Wellness (LOPER 11) Optional0
BS Science-related course requirements0
Program-Specified Requirements6-7
Special Topics in Academic Writing and Research
Computer Science I: C for Security
Computer Science I: Python for Analytics
Computer Science I: Java for Software Development
Major Option
Complete all required courses54
Unrestricted electives
Needed to reach 120 credit hour minimum28-27
Total Credit Hours120

A grade of "C" or above is required for all courses in this Option.  Prerequisites are fulfilled when the prerequisite courses have been passed with a "C" or above.

Major Option

Cyber Security Major Comprehensive Core Requirements (42 hours required)
Take all of the following:
CYBR 150Computer Science II: Object Oriented Programming3
CYBR 180Discrete Structures3
CYBR 301Computer Organization3
CYBR 330Algorithms and Data Structures3
CYBR 335Fundamentals of Networking & Systems3
CYBR 345Intricacies of Advanced Networks & Systems3
CYBR 401Operating Systems3
CYBR 430Defending & Protecting Cyber Systems 3
CYBR 435Reverse Engineering: Thinking like an Adversary3
CYBR 444Software Reverse Engineering3
CYBR 460Virtualization Essentials3
CYBR 468Advanced Security: Playing Both Sides3
CYBR 490Information Networking Law and Public Policy3
CYBR 495Cyber Systems Capstone3
Take 12 hours from:12
Technology in Criminal Justice
Information Networking Preceptorial
Software Engineering
Introduction to Automata, Formal Languages, and Computability
Database Systems
System Administration II
Internship in Cyber Systems
Parallel Computing
CYBR 300-CYBR 499 3,4
Total Credit Hours54