Computer Science Minor

Offered by Department of Cyber Systems

A grade of "C" or above is required for all courses in this minor. In this minor, prerequisites are fulfilled when the prerequisite courses have been passed with a "C" or above.

Choose one of the following:3-4
Computer Science I: Python for Analytics
Computer Science I: C for Security
Computer Science I: Java for Software Development
CYBR 150Computer Science II: Object Oriented Programming3
CYBR 180Discrete Structures3
CYBR 301Computer Organization3
CYBR 330Algorithms and Data Structures3
MATH 115Calculus I with Analytic Geometry 15
Computer Science Minor Electives
Select three hours from the following courses:3
CYBR 300-CYBR 499
MATH 300-MATH 499
PHYS 300-PHYS 499 2
STAT 300-STAT 499
Total Credit Hours23-24