Gerontology Minor

Offered by Department of Counseling, School Psychology, and Family Sciences

The purpose of the Gerontology minor is to allow students majoring in one of the areas which impact upon aging or aging services to gain knowledge and experience in the area of gerontology. The objectives of this program are: 

  1. to increase the student's knowledge and understanding of the nature and extent to which various areas affect the aged individual, the type and quality of services available to the aged, the dynamics of social policy formation affecting aging, and basic research concepts and practices;
  2. to provide and foster competence and skill in utilizing research data and findings in the structuring of services for the aged, and evaluating and facilitating the functioning of existing programs for the aged.
FAMS 450The Aging Adult3
NUTR 108Introduction to Nutrition 13
PSY 230Human Development 13
PSY 462Adult Development and Aging3
SOWK 471Aging Services3
Select one of the following: 23
Practicum in Gerontology
Field Placement I
Field Placement II
Select one of the following options:4-8
Human Physiology 1
Anatomy and Physiology
and Anatomy and Physiology
Select 1 of the following:3
Recreation for the Aged
The Aged in American Society
Sociology of Family
Medical Social Work
Total Credit Hours25-29

Number of total credit hours for the minor may be reduced if these courses are taken in students' General Education Program.


Students usually enroll in practicum courses offered by their respective majors. Requires departmental permission.