Science/Math Education Program

College of Natural and Social Sciences

Christopher Exstrom, Ph.D., Science/Math Education Program Director and Graduate Program Committee Chair - (308) 865-8565,

Holly Peterson, Science/Math Education Distance Education Coordinator - (308) 865-8043,

Master of Science in Education

Graduate Program Committee

Exstrom (Chair), Freeman, Gaskill (COE), Lazarova, Moser, Nebesniak

Science and Math Education (SMED)

SMED 888 – Science/Math Education Capstone     3 credit hours

This course is designed to culminate the student¿s experience in the Science/Math Education program. Students will complete the comprehensive exam and a capstone project that integrates educational research, curriculum design, science/math content application, and assessment. Based on a literature evaluation of a specific concept or problem in science/math teaching, the student will develop a new curricular unit, or redesign an existing one, to be implemented in a high school or middle school science/math course that the student is teaching that semester. This unit must apply science/math content from their degree program courses and the student must assess the impact of the new/revised unit on student learning.
Prerequisite: Admission into Science/Math Education Program Recommended completion of TE 800 and at least 24 hrs of Science/Math Education degree program including 6 or more hours in Major Emphasis category.

 Biology (BIOL) - Major Emphasis Courses, Supporting Coursework, and Electives

Visit Biology Department Courses page ( to view course offerings. Most courses can apply toward the program except for BIOL 820, BIOL 821 and BIOL 831A-F

Chemistry (CHEM)- Major Emphasis Courses, Supporting Coursework, and Electives

CHEM 805Chemical Management & Safety for HS Teachers1
CHEM 810Environmental Chemistry for High School Teachers3
CHEM 820Inorganic Chemistry I for High School Teachers3
CHEM 822Transition Metal Chemistry for High School Teachers2
CHEM 823Nanoscience for High School Teachers1
CHEM 855Biochemistry for High School Teachers3
CHEM 864Analytical Chemistry for High School Teachers2
CHEM 866Analytical Instrumentation for High School Teachers1
CHEM 883Chemical Kinetics for High School Teachers2
CHEM 899Special Topics1-3
Organic Chemistry for High School Teachers

Math (MATH) - Major Emphasis Courses, Supporting Coursework, Electives

MATH 862Mathematical Analysis for Teachers3
MATH 864Geometry for Teachers3
MATH 871Topics in Math3
Topics in Math: Current Research in Math Education; Discrete Math for Teachers; Modern Algebra with Geometry; Modern Algebra with Geometry; Using Mathematics to Understand our World; Algebraic Geometry; Mathematical Knowledge for Teachers

Physics/Physical Science (PHYS) - Major Emphasis Courses, Supporting Coursework, Electives 

PHYS 800Advanced Physical Science3
PHYS 801Earth Science for High School Teachers3
PHYS 809Meteorology3
PHYS 810PMathematical Techniques in the Physical Sciences4
PHYS 811Astronomy for High School Teachers3
PHYS 813Intro to A&D Electronics4
PHYS 872PScience Curricula3
Professional Component: Curriculum Course

Teacher Education (TE)- Professional Components, and Electives

TE 809PCurriculum Implementation3
TE 800Education Research3
TE 804Curriculum Development in Multicultural Education3
TE 886PTechnology Tools for Teachers3
TE 803Philosophy of Education3
TE 805POverview of Assistive Technology3
TE 808PHuman Relations1
TE 810Design and Development of Instruction3
TE 815PThe Effective Teacher: Enhancing Classroom Instruction3
TE 845Contemporary Theory & Practice in Reading3
TE 854Reading in the Content Areas3
TE 868Copyright, Fair Use, and Ethics3
TE 877Developing Web-Based Educational Environments3