Music (Elementary Education) Minor

Offered by Department of Music, Theatre and Dance

This course of study is only available to students seeking an Elementary Education Endorsement

Music Minor-Elementary Education Core Requirements
MUS 122Conducting1
MUS 198Sight Singing and Ear Training I1
MUS 199Sight Singing and Ear Training II1
MUS 200Music Theory I3
MUS 201Music Theory II3
MUS 357Elementary Music Methods 3
Select 3 credit hours of the following: 13
Piano Techniques I 2
Piano Techniques II 2
Piano Techniques III 2
Keyboard Harmonization 2
Music Minor-Elementary Education Private Instruction
Select 4 credit hours of the following:4
Select 3-4 credit hours of the following in one area (voice, piano or single band/orchestral instrument):
Private Instruction, Primary Instrument
Select 0-1 credit hours of the following in secondary area:
Private Instruction, Secondary Instrument
Music Minor-Elementary Education Ensembles
Select 2 credit hours of the following:2
Marching Band
Symphonic Band
Wind Ensemble
University Men's Chorus
University Chorus
University Women's Chorus
Kearney Area Symphony Orchestra
Select any 3 credit hours of Music Electives 33
Total Credit Hours24