Honors Program Course Requirements

Minimum requirements for Honors Program Distinguishment = 6

The Honors Program offers a four-year academic program that requires students to complete six Honors courses and one senior study. During the first four semesters (freshman/sophomore years), Honors students should complete three (3) Honors seminars from either the Honors General Studies courses or Honors comparable options. During the sophomore/junior/senior semesters, Honors students should complete three (3) Honors Options and the senior study.

Honors First-Year and Sophomore Courses

Honors students should complete one (1) Honors general studies course their first semester. The Honors Program offers a variety of general studies courses each semester, which are for Honors students only. The Honors sections are designed to emphasize critical thinking, discussion, and in-depth exploration of ideas. After the first semester, Honors students should complete either two (2) more Honors general studies courses or Honors comparable options. The Honors comparable options are provided for Honors students transferring in a large number of credit hours.

Honors Option Courses

Honors students must complete at least 3 (three) Honors Options (H-Options). H-Options are small, independent projects customized to the individual student. The Honors student can choose to pursue either an Academic  H-Option or Research and Creative Activity H-Option. Either one allows the Honors student to work closely with a faculty member in a chosen field; allows the Honors student to pursue customized, independent learning; and challenges the Honors student to move above and beyond.

Senior Study

Honors students must submit a Senior Study prior to graduation (November 1, April 1, and July 1, corresponding to commencement dates).  A Senior Study is a scholarly project that the student has completed as part of their undergraduate education. Students are encouraged to discuss their Senior Studies with Honors Program staff to ensure an appropriate selection.