Honors Program Course Requirements

Minimum Honors credit hours for program = 18

The Honors Program offers a four-year academic program that requires students to complete eighteen credit hours of Honors courses. During the first four or five semesters (freshman/sophomore years), Honors students should complete 9 credit hours of Honors seminars from the Honors General Studies courses. During the sophomore/junior/senior semesters, Honors students should complete 9 credit hours of 300-400 level courses as Honors Options (see Sophomore/Junior/Senior Requirements below).

Honors Courses within General Studies

Honors students should complete 9 credit hours (three classes) of Honors general studies courses. The Honors Program offers a different menu of general studies courses each semester. These are courses that meet the student's general studies requirements, but the Honors sections are designed to emphasize critical thinking, discussion, and in-depth exploration of ideas. These sections are limited to Honors students. They can be identified by the H at the end of the course number (e.g instead of ENG 102, Honors students will see ENG 102H). The program offers an Honors Capstone class each semester, which we recommend Honors students select as their third Honors general studies course. These courses are numbered 388H. 

The current listing of Honors general studies courses can be found here http://www.unk.edu/academics/honors/current-students/academics.php, but please note that this list changes each semester.

Honors Option Courses

Honors students must complete at least 9 credit hours (three courses) of Honors Options. Honors Option courses (H-Options) are 300 and 400 level courses that the Honors student chooses to take for Honors credit. To do so, the student will complete an additional project for the course, developed in consultation with the instructor before registering. Projects should be appropriate to the course and allow independent learning. After discussion with the instructor, the student should submit an H-Option contract (found on the Honors web site) and register for the course section designated with an H. Please note that a student is not limited to courses that appear with an H in the course offerings; the student should select an appropriate course and the Honors Program will create the H section if necessary.

Senior Study

Honors students must submit a Senior Study prior to graduation (November 1, April 1, and July 1, corresponding to commencement dates).  A Senior Study is a scholarly project that the student has completed as part of their undergraduate education. The preferred choice is a scholarly paper produced as part of an independent research or creative work experience. Students may also submit papers written for H Option requirements, or other substantial scholarly papers. Students are encouraged to discuss their Senior Papers with Honors Program staff to ensure an appropriate selection. More information can be found at http://www.unk.edu/academics/honors/current-students/academics.php.