Master's Degree

The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers six Master's Degrees: the Master of Arts, the Master of Arts in Education, the Master of Athletic Training, the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Science and the Master of Science in Education.

The Master of Business Administration Degree is designed to help the student gain the broad business background, analytical tools, and management skills favorable to success as a manager in modern business, industry, government, and education.

Graduate work leading to the M.A.Ed. or M.S.Ed. is offered within a number of areas in Secondary Education, Elementary Education, and Special Education. There also are Master's Degrees in Counseling and School Administration. UNK also offers traditional M.A. and M.S. Degrees. Each student should check the appropriate section of the catalog for information regarding degrees in an area of particular interest.

Specialist Degree

The Specialist Degree is an advanced degree usually requiring a minimum of one year of study beyond the Master's Degree. The Specialist Degree is awarded in the areas of Educational Administration, School Psychology, and Counseling.

For specific information concerning these programs, refer to the section of this catalog devoted to the Department of Educational Administration or to the Department of Counseling and School Psychology.

The Specialist Degree programs are for people preparing for a position which calls for a higher level of study than the Master's Degree and advanced study both in time and in depth. In keeping with this basic purpose, general objectives for the Specialist Degree have been formulated:

  1. To provide advanced work in a specialized field of study.
  2. To strengthen the student's background in an area of specialization.
  3. To increase the educational competency and effectiveness of the individual.
  4. To provide experiences for the students which will enable them to be intimately involved with the kinds of tasks inherent in their profession.
  5. To develop a Program of Study to meet the personal and professional goals of the student, with research and an internship being integral elements in the program.

These objectives are intended to provide direction for the students and their advisors in the preparation of a degree program.