Democracy in Perspective

3 credit hours required for General Studies credit.

The courses in this category are designed to develop and demonstrate the following abilities:

  1. Explain the roles that democratic concepts, including individual rights, play in a just democracy.
  2. Analyze how citizens engage in democracy.
  3. Evaluate democratic practices across different contexts (such as settings, time, socioeconomic conditions, cultures, and political boundaries).
ART 121Artistic Freedom, Censorship and Controversy in a Democratic Society3
CJUS 102Crime, Democracy and Justice3
ENG 153Democratic Vistas3
GEOG 323Political Geography3
HIST 176Democratic Debates3
ITEC 225The Influence of Technology on Democracy3
JMC 100Global Media Literacy3
PHIL 105Philosophical Roots of American Democracy3
PSCI 140Democracies Around the World3
PSCI 170Democracy as a Political Idea3
SOC 210Participating in a Democratic Society3
SOWK 170Introduction to Social Welfare3
TE 100Teaching in a Democratic Society3