Analytical and Quantitative Thought

0 credit hours required; a maximum of 6 credit hours count as General Studies credit.

The courses in this category are designed to develop and demonstrate the following abilities:

  1. Articulate the relevance of the Analytical & Quantitative Thought course to their general education.
  2. Express formal relationships using various forms of analytical reasoning.
  3. Define problems using techniques appropriate to the discipline.
  4. Solve problems using techniques appropriate to the discipline.
  5. Draw appropriate inferences from data in various forms.
  6. Evaluate analytical results for reasonableness.
CSIT 100Computing Environments1
CSIT 108Computers in Society3
CSIT 111Applied Computer Programming3
CSIT 112Programming in C3
CSIT 130Introduction to Computer Science4
ITEC 150Internetworking Literacy3
MATH 330Math for Elementary Teachers II3
MGT 232Introduction to Scholarly & Creative Activity3
MGT 233Business Statistics3
MIS 182Software Productivity Tools3
MIS 282Business Intelligence using Databases3
MUS 200Music Theory I3
PSY 250Behavioral Statistics4