Theatre, Bachelor of Arts

Offered by Department of Music, Theatre and Dance

General Studies
Foundational Core (Written, Math, Oral, Democracy)
Foundational Core courses12
Select one course numbered 1883
ENG 101Introduction of Academic Writing3
If ENG 101 is not taken as a prerequisite for ENG 102 then additional hours may be required to meet the 27 credit hour minimum in the Distribution Area of General Studies.
Introduction to the Theatre
Social Sciences6
Natural Sciences7
Analytical and Quantitative Thought0
Needed to reach 27 credit hour minimum in Distribution2
Select one course numbered 3883
BA Language requirement
Complete all required courses 16
Major Option
Complete all required courses36
Minor or 2nd Major
Complete all required courses 224
Unrestricted electives
Needed to reach 120 credit hour minimum9
Total Credit Hours120

Major Option

Theatre Core
THEA 135Introduction to Stage Technology3
THEA 210Playscript Analysis3
THEA 225Acting I3
Take one course from the following:
History of Theatre I
History of Theatre II
History of Theatre III
Take 3 hours from:
Theatre Practicum
Take 3 hours from:
Advanced Theatre Practicum
Theatre Supporting Courses
Complete one of these two Emphasis tracks:18
Acting and Directing Emphasis
Production and Design Emphasis
Total Credit Hours27

Acting and Directing Emphasis

Take all of the following:
THEA 226Acting II3
THEA 240Stage Makeup3
THEA 306Movement for the Stage3
THEA 425Acting III3
THEA 480Play Direction3
Take one course from the following:3
Survey of Dramatic Literature I
Survey of Dramatic Literature II
Total Credit Hours18

Production and Design Emphasis

Take all of the following:
THEA 241Introduction to Costume Technology3
THEA 296Elements of Theatrical Design3
THEA 322Theatre and Stage Management3
THEA 419Costume Design3
THEA 420Scenic Design3
THEA 447Lighting Design3
Total Credit Hours18