Mathematics (Elementary Education) Minor

Offered by Department of Mathematics and Statistics

This program of study is only open to students who are pursuing an Elementary Education Teaching Field Endorsement Bachelor of Arts in Education degree. The optional course MATH 400 has a prerequisite of MATH 115, and STAT 345 has a prerequisite of either MATH 123 or MATH 115.

MATH 103Plane Trigonometry3
MATH 230Math for Elementary Teachers I3
MATH 330Math for Elementary Teachers II3
MATH 430Middle School Mathematics3
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences
Elementary Statistics
Applied Statistics I
Select 6 credit hours of the following:6
Calculus I with Analytic Geometry 1
Finite Mathematics
Applied Calculus I 1
Math, Science, and Social Studies for Children 0-8
Computing Environments (maximum of 2 hours)
History of Mathematics
Special Topics in Mathematics
Total Credit Hours21

Credit cannot be received for both MATH 115 and MATH 123