International Studies Minor

Offered by International Studies Program

INTS 200Introduction to International Studies3
GEOG 104World Regional Geography3
Select one course above 201 in student's non-native language 13
Select 2 of the following options to equal 6 credit hours: 6
Democracies Around the World
Introduction to International Relations
Global Cultures and Diversity
Intro to Literature: Non-Western Civilization
Contemporary Economic Issues
Principles of Economics, Macroeconomics
Principles of Economics, Microeconomics
Select 9 credit hours of any of the following in at least two different subject areas: 29
Art History Survey I
Art History Survey II
History of Renaissance Art 3
Art of Baroque and Rococo Era 3
History of Modern Art 3
History of 19th Century Art 3
Cultural Studies Through Art 3
Organized Crime
Sex Crimes
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
Drugs and the Criminal Justice System
Terrorism and Crisis Negotiations
Tourism Economics
International Economics
European Literature in Translation 3
Non-Western Literature in Translation 3
Ancient Literatures 3
Survey of British and Commonwealth Literature I 3
Survey of British and Commonwealth Literature II 3
History of the English Language 3
Seminar in World Literature 3
Early/Middle English Literature 3
Seminar in Shakespeare 3
Seminar in the Renaissance 3
Literature of the English Restoration and Eighteenth Century 3
Seminar in Romanticism 3
Seminar in Victorian Literature 3
Seminar in Modernism 3
Postmodern/Contemporary British Literature 3
Cultural History I 3
Cultural History II 3
Seminar on French/Francophone Film 3
Survey of French Literature I 3
Survey of French Literature II 3
Seminar on Women in French/Francophone Lit 3
French Novel I 3
French Novel II 3
Seminar in French/Francophone Studies 3
Cross-Cultural Family Patterns
Economic Geography
Urban Geography
International Tourism
Special Topics in Human Geography
Novelle 3
Cultural History I 3
Cultural History II 3
Seminar on German Film 3
Survey of German Literature 3
Seminar in German Studies 3
Age of Alexander the Great
History of Sea Power
War and Society
The High Middle Ages 1050-1350
Saints and Sinners
Society and Gender in the Middle Ages
History of Christianity
Women in Europe
Pre-Hispanic and Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
Variable Topics in Latin American History
Comparative Colonialism: Asia and Africa
Colonial India
Modern India
Comparative Studies in Ethnic Conflict
British Empire
European Expansion and Exploration
Renaissance and Reformation
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Europe
French Revolution and Napoleon
Imperial Russia
Nineteenth Century Europe
Fascism and Communism in Twentieth Century Europe
Twentieth Century Europe
Soviet Russia
Modern Eastern Europe
Global Health
International Studies Institute
International Studies Field Study
Internship in International Studies
Senior Seminar in International Studies
Mass Media and Society
International Management
International Marketing
Music Appreciation
Music History and Literature I
Music History and Literature II
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion: Reason and Faith
Topics in Comparative Politics
Politics of the Drug War
Politics of Globalization
Politics of the Developed World
Politics of the Developing World
Latin American Politics
Comparative Political Behavior
International Law and Organization
International Political Economy
Ancient Political Thought
Modern Political Thought
Democratic Political Thought
20th & 21st Century Political Thought
Feminist Political Thought
Topics in International Relations
Politics & Culture of Asia
Nations in Transition
War in World Politics
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Eastern Psychology
Issues in Recreation and Leisure
Research in Tourism, Recreation and Sport
The Holocaust
Globalization and Development
Sociology of Religion
Diversity and Social Justice
International Social Work Experience
Survey of Spanish Literature I 3
Survey of Spanish Literature II 3
Cultural History of Spain & Latin America I 3
Cultural History of Spain & Latin America II 3
Seminar on Hispanic Film 3
Seminar on Women in Hispanic Literature 3
Modern Hispanic Drama 3
Short Story 3
Spanish Novel 3
Latin American Novel 3
Survey of Latin American Literature 3
Seminar in Spanish/Latin American Studies 3
Diffusion of Innovations
Intercultural Communication
Total Credit Hours24

The prerequisites for these courses are fulfilled by the BA Language requirement.
Students who choose a B.S. degree may substitute an additional upper division elective from the list above for the foreign language class.


Students should be aware of the prerequisites for upper level courses and plan their coursework accordingly.


Some 300-level and all 400-level ART electives listed have a prerequisite of ART 222. All 300- and 400-level ENG electives listed have a prerequisite of ENG 234. All 300- and 400-level FREN electives listed have a prerequisite of FREN 201. All 300- and 400-level GERM electives listed have a prerequisite of GERM 201. All 300- and 400-level SPAN electives listed have a prerequisite of SPAN 205.