Organizational and Relational Communication Comprehensive, Bachelor of Science

Offered by Department of Communication

General Studies
Foundational Core (Written, Math, Oral, Democracy)
Foundational Core Courses12
Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Select one course numbered 1883
ENG 101Introduction of Academic Writing3
If ENG 101 is not taken as a prerequisite for ENG 102 then additional hours may be required to meet the 27 credit hour minimum in the Distribution Area of General Studies.
Social Sciences6
Natural Sciences7
Analytical and Quantitative Thought0
Needed to reach 27 credit hour minimum in Distribution2
Select one course numbered 3883
BS Science-related course requirements
Select one of the following:0-3
Select 6 credit hours of General Studies Analytical and Quantitative Thought courses
Select a total of two General Studies lab courses in Natural Sciences
Major Option
Complete all required courses45
Unrestricted electives
Needed to reach 120 credit hour minimum24-26
Total Credit Hours114-119

Students selecting a major in Organizational and Relational Communication must earn a minimum 2.5 G.P.A. in the major.

Major Option

Organizational and Relational Communication Core Requirements
SPCH 202Communication Concepts in Society3
SPCH 252Communication Inquiry3
SPCH 456Rhetorical Theory3
SPCH 459Organizational & Relational Communication Senior Practicum3
SPCH 499Communication Theory3
Speaking Techniques Requirements
Select one of the following:3
Advanced Public Speaking
Logic Argumentation and Reasoning
Persuasion and Propaganda
Communication Requirements
Select one of the following options:9
Organizational Communication
Introduction to Organizational Communication
Leadership Communication
Advanced Organizational Communication
Relational Communication
Interpersonal and Relational Communication
Language, Thought & Action
Intercultural Communication
Speech Electives
Select 6 credit hours of the following:6
SPCH 200-SPCH 499
Organizational and Relational Communication Support Track
Select 12 credit hours in a support track area in consultation with advisor. 12
Total Credit Hours45

Organizational and Relational Communication Support Track

Here are four sample support tracks that reflect a good grounding in a field:

Public Relations
JMC 215News Writing & Photography3
JMC 302Digital Storytelling3
JMC 309Public Relations3
JMC 409Public Relations Strategy3
Human Interaction
SOC 275Social Psychology3
SOC 300Sociological Theory3
SOC 420Race and Minority Relations3
PSY 410Industrial Psychology3
General Business
BSAD 295Business Communications3
MGT 301Principles of Management3
MKT 300Principles of Marketing3
MKT 331Professional Selling3
SPAN 200Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 205Culture, Conversation and Composition3
SPAN 304Advanced Conversation and Composition3