Management Information Systems (MIS)

MIS 188 – GS Portal     3 credit hours

Students analyze critical issues confronting individuals and society in a global context as they pertain to the discipline in which the Portal course is taught. The Portal is intended to help students succeed in their university education by being mentored in process of thinking critically about important ideas and articulating their own conclusions. Students may take the Portal in any discipline, irrespective of their major or minor. Satisfies the General Studies Portal course requirement. Students may take their Portal course in any discipline. Students who transfer 24 or more hours of General Studies credit to UNK are exempt from taking a portal course.
Total Credits Allowed: 6.00
Prerequisite: First year freshman standing or sophomore standing only.

MIS 280H – Special Topics-Honors     1-3 credit hours

Total Credits Allowed: 3.00

MIS 388 – GS Capstone     3 credit hours

An interdisciplinary experience where students apply the knowledge, cognitive abilities, and communication skills they have gained from General Studies in designing and completing an original project or paper. Students employ methods and interpretive means of two or more disciplines to integrate knowledge and synthesize their results. Satisfies the General Studies capstone course requirement. Students may take their Capstone course in any discipline.
Prerequisite: Junior or senior level standing or within 6 hours of completing general studies requirements.

MIS 399 – Business Apprenticeship Program     1-3 credit hours

The Business Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide students with a variety of experiences which will facilitate competency in their chosen field of study. Students who plan to teach will assist faculty members in preparing bibliographies, in research, in translations, in aiding classroom discussions, in preparing special lectures and programs, in grading and preparing examinations. Must by approved by Department Chair. This course may be repeated to a maximum of 6 credits.
Total Credits Allowed: 18.00

MIS 475 – Management Information Systems Internship     1-15 credit hours

A work experience program planned for students preparing for employment in business and industry. The learning situation is supervised by the academic department and personnel of selected industries. Work experience approved by the department.
Total Credits Allowed: 15.00
Prerequisite: Minimum GPA of 2.50 and MIS 302

MIS 481 – Systems Analysis and Design II     3 credit hours

This course is a continuation of MIS 381. Students use several software packages as they work through the steps of the system development life cycle with business cases.
Prerequisite: MIS 381

MIS 498 – Management Information Systems Topics     3 credit hours

Selected topics and problems of current interest considered in depth. Class discussion and course projects. Topics vary each semester depending upon instructor.