Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT)

CSIT 100 – Computing Environments     1 credit hour

This course presents any one of a variety of currently demanded computer topics. It focuses on hands-on exposure to computer-based enhancement of personal productivity. Grading method is credit/no credit.

CSIT 100.1 – Computing Environments: Word Processing     1 credit hour

CSIT 100.2 – Computing Environments: Spreadsheet     1 credit hour

CSIT 100.3 – Computing Environments: Database     1 credit hour

CSIT 100.5 – Computing Environments: Presentation Graphics     1 credit hour

CSIT 100.6 – Computing: Networking     1 credit hour

CSIT 100.9 – Computing Environments: Software Sampler     1 credit hour

CSIT 100D – Computing Environments: Windows     1 credit hour

CSIT 100E – Computing Environments: WWW Home Pages     1 credit hour

CSIT 100F – Computing Environments: MVS     1 credit hour

CSIT 100G – Computing Environments: JCL     1 credit hour

CSIT 210 – Structured Transaction Programming     3 credit hours

This is an introductory programming course. The topics include basic computer concepts and terminology, in conjunction with program development using elements of a programming language. Stress is placed upon transaction processing algorithm using structured programming. The assignments are exercises that develop in-depth skills and techniques from the lecture topics. CSIT 100.F MVS and CSIT 100.G JCL are recommended co-requisites.

CSIT 310 – Programming Data and File Structures     3 credit hours

Study of advanced structured COBOL programming techniques and applications with respect to table handling, subprograms, sequential files, and indexed sequential files.
Prerequisite: CSIT 210

CSIT 350 – Information Systems Concepts     3 credit hours

This course deals with the role, structure and objectives of information systems. Other topics include theory of systems and information, decision support, human considerations, applications of information systems, system evaluation and selection.
Prerequisite: Completion of CSIT 111 or CSIT 130 and ENG 102 Enrollment not allowed in CSIT 350 if MIS 302 has been completed

CSIT 380 – Systems Analysis and Design     3 credit hours

Explore the System Development Life Cycle. Learn tools and strategies for system and information analysis, including need identification, feasibility studies, data and process modeling, requirements assessment, project management and group dynamics.
Prerequisite: Completion of CSIT 150 Enrollment not allowed in CSIT 380 if MIS 381 has been completed.

CSIT 399 – Campus Lab Consultantship     1-3 credit hours

Work in campus computer labs as a consultant to computer science and computer information technology students. (A total of three credit hours in any combination of CSIT 399 and CSIT 492-495 may be applied toward a computer science/information technology major or minor.)
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 9.00

CSIT 405 – Compiler Construction     3 credit hours

Techniques and organization of compilers, assemblers, and interpreters. Structure of programming language symbol tables, scans, and object code generation.
Prerequisite: CSIT 402

CSIT 426 – Computer Architecture     4 credit hours

The study of the logic and theory of operation of the main hardware blocks of computers, their control, and their software/hardware interactions. The emphasis is on microcomputer architecture, including laboratory experiments with various systems and their I/O and interfacing characteristics.
Prerequisite: PHYS 205 and PHYS 205L or PHYS 275 and PHYS 275L and six hours of CSIT courses preferably CSIT 130 and CSIT 301.

CSIT 428 – Data Communications and Distributed Processing     3 credit hours

The study of network topology, protocols, management, and communication media. Evaluate present communication hardware, software, and future advancements in networking.
Prerequisite: CSIT 130 or CSIT 434 or ITEC 345

CSIT 493 – Directed Readings in Computer Science/Information Technology     1-3 credit hours

Independent readings on advanced or contemporary topics in computer science/ information technology, to be selected in consultation with and directed by a computer science/ information technology faculty member. A written contract specifying readings and requirements for the course is required before registering for the course. Any topic that is thoroughly covered by any regularly offered computer science or information technology course is not allowed for Directed Readings. Upon completion of the project a format presentation will be given by the student to all interested parties. (A total of three credit hours of any combination of CSIT 399 and CSIT 492-495 may be applied toward a computer science/information technology major or minor.)
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 6.00
Prerequisite: CSIT 150 and permission of department chair

CSIT 497 – Seminar in Information Technology     3 credit hours

This course provides experience and background that will prepare the student for an actual working environment. Reinforcement and validation of knowledge gained in previous course work, enhancement of communication skills, and learning to work with people will be stressed. Primary tasks will include a team-based information systems development project and the study of ethics for CS/IT professionals.
Prerequisite: Completion of CSIT 380 and completion of or concurrent enrollment in CSIT 425.
Additional Course Fee Required