General Physical Education, Master of Arts in Education

Offered by Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences

Program Information and Admission Requirements

Admission to degree work is contingent on

  1. Achieving a minimum score of 138 for Verbal Reasoning and a minimum score of 136 for Quantitative Reasoning, with a total combined score of at least 281 on the Graduate Record Examination, and.
  2. Evaluation of the candidate's undergraduate transcript.
  3. These criteria are supplemented by Submission of a personal essay regarding the student's career goals directly related to the specific program of study (and emphasis area of appropriate).

Graduate students in the department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences must select either a thesis or a non-thesis option.

Thesis Option

In addition to academic coursework, students must complete a 6 hour thesis project (PE 896) under the direction of a thesis advisor. At the time a student elects to write a thesis, the advisor and the Chair of the KSS Graduate Program Committee shall obtain approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research on the composition of the committee by submitting a "Proposed Supervisory Committee" form. This committee will approve a thesis proposal and guide the student in the writing of the thesis. The committee will also examine the student in the required oral examination at the completion of the project. The time and place of the examination will be determined by the Chair of the Committee.

Thesis and Thesis Committee

A completed thesis must be submitted for the approval of the thesis committee within two years from the completion of the course work. This time requirement may be waived at the discretion of the majority of the Department's Graduate Committee. The thesis committee shall consist of a minimum of three members:

  • The candidate's thesis professor who will serve as chair,
  • A member representing the candidate's major discipline (generally from the degree granting institution),
  • A third member representing a related field selected at large from the University of Nebraska Graduate Faculty. This member cannot be a member of the candidate's department.

Non-Thesis Option

In addition to their coursework, students pursuing the  MAE in Physical Education Exercise Science, General Physical Education, or Physical Education Master Teacher Non-Thesis Option must successfully complete a comprehensive examination prior to graduation. Comprehensive examinations are to be taken on the campus of the University of Nebraska at Kearney unless an off campus site and a waiver for the on campus requirement are approved by a majority vote of the KSS graduate faculty. Comprehensive examinations will be offered the last week of March, June, and October. The comprehensive written examination will consist of at least three questions.

  • one question relating to research techniques
  • one question relating to content from their graduate coursework
  • one question relating to the student's area of focus/emphasis

Scoring of the comprehensive written exam will be scored as

  • Pass - no further examination is required
  • Conditional Pass with an oral examination required - Following the oral exam the student can then be granted a Pass or No Pass with remediation required. Students earning a No Pass must then take another written comprehensive examination within a time period specified by the examination committee.
  • No Pass - the committee will then recommend to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research that the candidate be reexamined after a specified interval. Means for improvement shall be recommended to the candidate by the committee.

After a student takes a second comprehensive examination, the student will be given the same scoring as above, except in any situation in which the student receives a score of No Pass the committee will then recommend to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research that the candidate be refused graduation.

Comprehensive Examination Committee

The comprehensive exam committee will consist of two graduate faculty members of the student's choosing within their field of study, with the Graduate Program Chair (or another graduate faculty member if the Graduate Program Chair is on the exam committee) serving as a third member if arbitration of grading is needed.

This program is offered on campus only.

Specialization options in Sports Administration or Recreation and Leisure. (Non-Certification for Teacher Education)

Required Courses
PE 800Philosophy of PE, Sports, Recreation and Leisure3
PE 850Research Method in Kinesiology & Sport Sciences3
PE 854Leisure Behavior3
PE 878Issues in PE Sports and Recreation3
PE 880Readings in PE Sports and Recreation3
Select one of the following:12
Sports Administration
Recreation and Leisure
Select 12 credit hours of coursework recommended by advisor, approved by the Department Graduate Committee Chair and Graduate Dean.
General Physical Education Option
Select 9 credit hours of one of the following options:9
Research and Field Work Option
Applied Project in PE Sports & Recreation
Internship 1
Thesis Option
Advanced Research Design and Analysis in Psychology
Computer Analysis of Statistical Data
Thesis 2
Total Credit Hours36

Must complete 6 hours of Internship.


Must complete 6 hours of Thesis.