Business Administration, Long-Term Care Management, Master of Science

Program Information and Admission Requirements

Long-Term Care Management, Master of Science Degree

The M.S. in Long-Term Care Management is a fully online graduate program that provides an interdisciplinary foundation for a career in administration for a variety of health-care facilities including nursing homes, hospice care, home-health facilities, assisted-living centers, and veteran’s homes. This program is ideal for students currently majoring in one of the health-care related fields and business students also interested in health-care who are wanting to pursue a graduate degree that is focused on a non-clinical health-care related administrative career. Current health practitioners interested in earning a graduate degree will also find this degree an attractive option to provide opportunities for advancement and to increase their competitiveness in the job market. The M.S. in Long-Term Care Management will allow a current health practitioner to utilize their workplace skills and couple them with the management skills they will acquire in this degree program and the health science-related courses that academically prepare them to advance their position.

Students will be able to complete the online coursework in 2 years. This 37-credit hour program equips students for management from any field hoping to pursue a non-clinical healthcare related administrative career. In addition to the 34 credit hours in the online classroom, this program also provides students with an experiential learning opportunity in the form of an internship. This internship will be flexible in that students will work with faculty to set up an internship in or near their community and can be tailored toward the needs of the student’s career goals.

Admission Considerations

An applicant may be considered for admission if the following requirements are met:

1. Meet the requirements for admission set forth by the Office of Graduate Studies and Academic Outreach,

2. Have completed an undergraduate program containing the following prerequisites:

  • Nutrition
  • General Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Statistics course
  • Accounting I
  • Abnormal psychology/behavior

3. Have a 3.00 undergraduate GPA or submit GRE scores.

To apply to the Long-Term Care Management, Master of Science Program:

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. Submit a resume.
  3. Provide a personal essay that describes the applicant’s interests and goals in obtaining a degree in Long-Term Care Management.
  4. Submit at least two letters of recommendation.

An application must be complete in all respects to be considered for admission to the program. Meeting the minimum criteria only assures applicants the consideration of their application for admission to the Long-Term Care Management Master’s Program.

For information regarding the requirements for admission to the Long-Term Care Management Master’s Program, please contact:

Dr. Bree Dority
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kearney, NE 68849
Telephone: (308)865-8343

LTCM Foundational Core

Undergraduate nutrition course equivalent

Undergraduate psychology course equivalent

Undergraduate sociology course equivalent

Undergraduate statistics course equivalent

Undergraduate accounting course equivalent

Undergraduate abnormal psychology or behavior course equivalent

A course in medical terminology is recommended

Take all of the following:
ACCT 858Managerial Accounting Systems3
MGT 840PHealth Care Management I - Managing People Effectively3
MGT 841PHealth Care Management II - Managing Processes Effectively3
MGT 845Cultural Responsiveness: Building Clinical and Institutional Trust2
MGT 850PHealth Care Delivery: Systems and Policies3
MGT 875Management Internship3
MGT 890Leadership & Organizational Behavior3
MGT 892Strategic Analysis & Decision Making3
PSCI 833The Politics and Policy of Health Care3
PSY 804Healthcare Ethics2
PSY 840PHealth Psychology3
PSY 862PAdult Development and Aging3
SOWK 871PAging Services3
Total Credit Hours37

Paired courses, those with the suffix “P” in their course number, require graduate students to involve themselves in much deeper scholarly activities through research of the subject matter and by assuming a leadership role in class, culminating in an educational experience far beyond that of their fellow undergraduate students