Journalism, Bachelor of Arts

Offered by Department of Communication

General Studies
Foundational Core (Written, Math, Oral, Democracy)
Foundational Core courses12
Global Media Literacy
Select one course numbered 1883
Social Sciences6
Natural Sciences7
Analytical and Quantitative Thought0
Needed to reach 27 credit hour minimum in Distribution5
Select one course numbered 3883
BA Language requirement
Complete all required courses 16
Major Option
Complete all required courses36
Minor or 2nd Major
Complete all required courses 224
Unrestricted electives
Needed to reach 120 credit hour minimum9
Total Credit Hours120

Students selecting a major in Journalism must earn a minimum 2.5 G.P.A. in the major.

Students selecting a major in Journalism must compile evidence of achievement particular to their chosen career field. Students will present this portfolio and discuss its contents with a Faculty Portfolio Committee in the semester prior to their graduation.

Major Option

Journalism and Mass Communication Core Requirements
JMC 112Communication Software3
JMC 215News Writing & Photography3
JMC 300Website Design3
JMC 414Communications Law3
Reporting Core
JMC 250Video Production Foundations2
JMC 302Digital Storytelling3
JMC 315Advanced Reporting & Editing3
JMC 350News at Antelope4
JMC 416Interpretive Reporting3
Reporting Electives
Select 9 credit hours of the following:9
Topics 3
Audio Production & Announcing
Video Production
Writing Feature and Magazine Articles
Publication Design
Commentary and Blogging
Topics in Mass Media
Mass Media and Society
Internship in Mass Media 4
Multimedia Directed Study 4
Independent Study in Mass Media 4
Total Credit Hours36

For specific language requirements see #2 of Bachelor of Arts Degree requirements.


A minor or second major is required for a complete degree program. The number of required electives needed to reach 120 total credit hours overall will depend upon the specific program chosen.


Topics is 1 credit hour and may be taken twice (any topics but InDesign and Photoshop).


May take no more than 2 credit hours from JMC 110, JMC 475, JMC 498, or JMC 499 for major elective credit.